Monday, February 6, 2017

What's New: Link roundup

It's Monday, so what about a roundup of news items from the past week of interest to those of us trying to take back the heart and soul of science fiction and fantasy from the SJW gatekeepers (may they repent and find the peace the world cannot give)?

Whenever we're lucky enough to get a new book from John C Wright, that event would have to top any list I make up. This morning JCW's latest installment in the Moth & Cobweb series came out, DAUGHTER OF DANGER. I got mine already, and it looks like the Wright stuff.

Speaking of JCW and Castalia House, the latter's blog now boasts the former as one of their new bloggers, along with PC Bushi and Jasyn Jones (a.k.a. Daddy Warpig). Good for them, and for us all!

Also with a new book this week is Lou Antonelli, with his debut novel: ANOTHER GIRL, ANOTHER PLANET, an alt-hist novel. He describes the recent history of the presidency in his alternate world, which seems to have diverged from our own timeline in the late 1960s through a plausible-sounding sequence of events. Sounds interesting to me; indeed, if I had had a choice I might have diverged from our own timeline about then as well.

And with a shorter work, a novella or novelette (I haven't counted the words), Castalia House blogger Rawle Nyanze came out last week with SWORD AND FLOWER, which incorporates stylings from anime and Japanese folklore with a constructed universe that reminds me of Philip Jose Farmer's amazing confections. I finished it in a few days and am eager to see more of these characters and world.

With the beginning of February, the Dragon Award nominations are open. Our doughty Declan Finn is on the case with this blog post with suggestions for works you might consider nominating. Note that you can nominate for the Dragons FOR FREE, just for being a science fiction and fantasy fan, so this is a great way YOU can support meritorious authors and their works. But even if you're not interested in the Dragons, Declan's list has a lot of good suggestions for your reading list--and if you're like me, even though your reading list is growing faster than a protoplasmic monster in a 1950s B-movie, you know you still can't resist checking out new works to add to it.

Speaking of Declan Finn, let's not forget his own book that came out just last month, LIVE AND LET BITE, the latest in his Love at First Bite series. I haven't read it yet but it's got a priority spot. (Also, Declan Finn is one of the authors in the upcoming young adult Arthurian anthology, TALES OF THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING, in which--I may have mentioned--my own first story is to appear.)

Before leaving the Dragon Awards, I note that Larry Correia, the beloved Ur-Puppy himself, after winning a Dragon last year for his SON OF THE BLACK SWORD, posts his request that his fans not nominate him this time, for the sake of sharing the love with other authors. Still, if there were a special Dragon for selfless devotion to improving the field of SFF, I can't think who'd be a better choice for it.

Cirsova magazine's blog published a manifesto on "Attempting to Define the Pulp Revolution". The movent(s) keep brewing; it's morning in science fiction/fantasy. There are actually multiple literary rebellions going: Sad Puppies appears to be on its last gasp, but the Pulp Revolution, the Lyonnesse project, and Superversive SF are thriving. The will is out there, and we're finding each other.

By the way, Cirsova's Kickstarter for 2017 is doing well. You can get digital copies of the two issues coming out for $1 (?! I feel like that can't be right, but that's what I saw). I've seen the draft of the first one, and it's very good.

The blog Cogitationes Astalnaris (hat tip: Brian Niemeier, whose FB post pointed out this link) has an excellent review of FORBIDDEN THOUGHTS, the Superversive Press anthology with an introduction by Milo Yiannopoulis. The book got a great bump in the ratings again last week due to the Berkeley riots that prevented Milo from speaking there. God brings good even out of the sins of men.

Coming up: I see the blogger at Seagull Rising (that's Jon Mollison, right?) says he's completed a draft of his first full-length novel, so that's one to watch for. The last Superversive SF roundtable podcast made plans for a Valentine's Day podcast on the topic of Love in superversive SF: I'm looking for announcements of this, hope it's happening.

Got a flash-fiction (under 2000 words...actually, under 1888) story on the theme of "superstition"? Can you have one by February 28? would like to hear from you.

Well, that was more work than I expected, and I've probably still left a lot out. How about this, you see something you want me to include next week, let me know?

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  1. Yeah, hey! That's me all right. My collection of dragon-killer novellas will be out this month and the novel sometime in March. Thanks for the mention.